Fall Furnace Tune-Up in Lakehurst, NJ

Schedule an Early Fall Furnace Tune-Up in Lakehurst, NJ

October 2, 2022

Before you start running your furnace in the fall and winter here in Lakehurst, NJ, consider giving it a professional tune-up. Ideally, you should schedule the tune-up in the early fall when heating and cooling companies aren’t so busy. Below, we’ll explain just how you’ll benefit when you schedule a fall furnace tune-up for your equipment every year.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Well-maintained furnaces will heat your home effectively and with a minimum of energy waste. This is because maintenance can address numerous problems that, left alone, would make it harder for the furnace to operate. During a tune-up, the technician can clean the coils responsible for generating heat and remove obstructions to airflow.

Make the Furnace Last Longer

When there’s nothing to hinder the furnace’s operation, the system incurs only minimal wear and tear. This allows it to last longer. Gas and electric furnaces can last a good 20 years, while oil furnaces can go for up to 25 years when well-maintained.

Have Cleaner Indoor Air

Besides cutting down on AC repairs, you can reduce the chances of someone getting sick from the indoor air. Asthma and allergy sufferers in particular need the air to be clean. The coil cleaning, filter replacement, and other tasks included in maintenance will help ensure this.

Maintain Your Manufacturer’s Warranty

If your furnace has a warranty, then just know that the manufacturer will likely want to see your furnace service record before covering the cost of a repair. With professional maintenance, you can show the manufacturer that you’ve been taking proper care of your system.

At Comfort Zone Home Services, we back our maintenance and other work with a 100% guarantee that it’s done right the first time, so call us today for a consultation anywhere in Lakehurst. We have decades of combined experience and can easily make sure you stay warm this autumn and winter.

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