Hard Water in New Egypt, NJ

How Hard Water Is Impacting Your Water Pipes in New Egypt, NJ

July 29, 2022

New Egypt, NJ is prone to hard water that contains chemicals and other substances that leave a film behind on your skin. Hard water can also leave deposits on your faucets and dishes. It’s important to understand how hard water can impact your pipes to find out when you need to contact a licensed plumber for help.

Scale Buildup

A common problem caused by hard water is scale buildup. The same deposits that you see on your dishes and skin can occur inside your pipes. As the buildup increases, you may find sediment coming out of your faucets.

That sediment can build up inside your pipes and cause some serious damage. Hard water can also damage appliances from the scale that builds up. With water heater services, you can get help reducing the damage it does.


The biggest problem with hard water is that while you can see it as it comes out of your faucets, you have no way of knowing what it looks like inside your pipes. It’s common for the scale buildup to limit the amount of water that comes through. As the clog grows, it can put enough pressure on the pipe to the point where it may break.


Hard water doesn’t merely cause clogs. Those sediments can also allow leaks to form. If you have enough sediment in your pipes, it will leave trace amounts behind every time you turn on your plumbing.

You might also notice that your water appears brown or red. Before the pipe breaks, you’ll likely see some signs of a leak.

Comfort Zone Home Services offers all of the help that you need for hard water problems. Let us check for leaks and broken pipes caused by leaks and repair them for you. Call Comfort Zone Home Services today to

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