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Don’t Waste Money on an Inefficient AC in Bayville, NJ

August 11, 2021

Trying to keep your Bayville, NJ, home cool in the summer costs enough without making it worse. However, you may be unknowingly driving up your cooling costs, further draining your bank account. Here are some of the best ways to ensure you’re not wasting money on inefficient air conditioning this summer.

Keep Your Filter Clean

Your AC must be able to circulate air to provide the cooling effect you long for during the hottest days. The air filter is the first key to keeping that air flowing through your system. Every filter needs periodic replacing. How often depends on the filter size and the quality of your home’s air.

For a standard 1-inch filter, it’s usually about every 90 days. However, check it monthly so that you can keep an eye on when it starts to get dirty enough to change. While checking it, gently vacuum the intake side to help extend its useful life.

Keep Your Vents Open and Clear

Along with your air filter, your vents are incredibly important to keeping air moving throughout your home. When you block vents, the system cannot create the air movement needed for maximum cooling efficiency.

Open all your output vents, leaving at least 2 inches of clearance above and around each to promote effective air movement. Likewise, make sure your return vents are also clear, with nothing directly in front of them, restricting air movement.

Keep Your System Well-Maintained

Without routine maintenance, your system’s efficiency will decline, even after just one year. Tiny particles move through your air filter and settle on the evaporator coil and circulating fan. These reduce the volume of air moving through the system, making it run longer to achieve your desired temperature.

Your maintenance technician will clean both of these areas to clear any possible obstruction. They also perform a series of tests on your system to ensure everything is operating within optimal parameters. If they find a problem, you have time to fix it before causing significant efficiency problems or additional AC repairs.

Don’t burn your money trying to keep your home cool this summer. Call to schedule your HVAC maintenance with the experts at Comfort Zone Home Services today.

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