Thermostat Mistakes in Toms River, NJ

Don’t Make These 3 Thermostat Mistakes in Toms River, NJ

October 1, 2023

Programmable thermostats are highly useful and powerful devices, though not everyone knows how to use them properly. This lack of knowledge leads many homeowners in Toms River, NJ, and elsewhere to miss out on many of these devices’ most interesting and convenient features. Here are three mistakes not to make to your programmable thermostat so that you can be sure to get the most out of your HVAC equipment.

1. Cranking the Temperature Way Up or Down

In the mistaken belief that it will make their HVAC heat or cool their homes faster, some people fall into the habit of cranking temperatures up or down whenever they are uncomfortable. However, programmable thermostats don’t operate faster or slower based on temperature settings; they all work at the same speed during their present cycling period. Greatly shifting temperatures this way will only make your home either colder or warmer than you wish it to be.

2. Always Keeping the Thermostat On

Some people falsely believe that the only way to keep indoor temperatures steady is to run their thermostats 24/7. This is flatly untrue, and doing so will not only significantly raise your energy costs but will also put unnecessary strain on your entire HVAC system.

If you wish to maintain a constant temperature, the thermostat will use its sensors to discover when the indoor environment has deviated from the level you desire. When this happens, the thermostat will automatically turn on your HVAC system in response. When temperatures are at the proper level, the thermostat will turn your unit off, thus saving you energy.

3. Manually Turning the Thermostat On and Off

In a misguided effort to avoid the pitfall discussed above, some will try instead to manually turn their thermostat on and off. You shouldn’t do this since whenever your HVAC system restarts, it must pull in a great deal of energy. Repeating this too often can overstrain your HVAC system and place it in need of maintenance or repairs.

Moreover, when HVAC systems stay running, they initiate automatic air quality control mechanisms that circulate your home’s air. If you turn off your thermostat, you will lose this feature.

As long as you don’t misuse your programmable thermostat, you can derive impressive benefits from it. Call Comfort Zone Home Services and request our air conditioning and heating services to keep your Toms River, NJ home comfortable all year long.

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