Furnace Noises in Tuckerton, NJ

5 Causes of Furnace Noises in Tuckerton, NJ and What They Mean

November 28, 2022

When your furnace starts making strange noises, it can be difficult to know what’s wrong and how to fix it. Many homeowners in Tuckerton, NJ experience these types of issues, and each one can have a different cause. Here are five common causes of furnace noises and what they mean.

1. Rumbling Noise

When your furnace cycles on and off too frequently, it can cause a rumbling noise. This can happen when your furnace is too big or too small for your home.

Also, rumbling can occur if the thermostat is set too high or if there are drafts in the home, causing the temperature to fluctuate. Another possibility is that the blower motor is starting to fail and will usually cause a loud, continuous noise.

2. Noisy Pops and Bangs

If your furnace starts making popping or banging noises, something may be inside the blower fan. This is usually something like a piece of paper or plastic, and you can easily remove it. However, if the noise is continuous and loud, it could signal something more serious, and you need HVAC maintenance.

3. Loud Humming

You might notice that your furnace starts making a loud humming noise when it turns on. This may occur when a loose belt or something else obstructs the blower fan. If you hear this noise, it’s best to turn off the furnace and call a professional for help before turning it back on.

4. Unusual Clicking Sound

A clicking noise from your furnace is usually nothing to worry about and is just the sound of the igniter trying to light the gas. However, if a loud bang or explosion accompanies the clicking noise, this could signal a gas leak, and you should evacuate your home immediately and call the gas company.

5. Squealing

Furnace motor bearings can fail and cause a squealing noise. This is usually a sign that you need to replace the motor. However, if you hear this noise, it’s best to turn off the furnace and call a professional for help before turning it back on.

It would be best to call Comfort Zone Home Services if your furnace makes strange noises. Our team of professionals can help you diagnose and fix the problem quickly. We have experience dealing with all sorts of heating issues and can help get your system back up and running smoothly.

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