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4 Tips for Reducing Cooling Costs in the Heat of the Summer in Brick Township, NJ

September 1, 2022

Summer is here, and the season’s heat leaves you with no option but to cool your home. You may realize your cooling costs are rising steadily, leaving a dent in your pocket. We have some ideas you can use to lower your cooling costs in Brick Township, NJ.

Fix Leaky Ducts

Your ductwork helps to relay the conditioned air from your AC to your home. When there is a leak in these structures, they lose the conditioned air.

Since very little conditioned air gets to your rooms, your AC continues working, inflating your energy bills. Consider having a professional technician assess your ductwork and seal any leaks.

Use a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are different from conventional ones because they give you remote control of your home’s temperature. You can set your preferred temperature range while on vacation or running errands outside your home.

The device’s learning capability also helps to keep tabs on when you usually get home. The ability allows the device to engage your AC just before you get home, rather than keeping it running all day. In addition, the thermostat notes your energy usage and suggests ways you can improve on it.

Schedule AC Maintenance

During a maintenance visit, your technician will inspect your coils for refrigerant leaks and clean the coils. When dirt and debris build up on your cooling coils, they inhibit your unit’s ability to absorb and release excess heat to the outside environment. As a result, your unit runs continuously to cool your home.

The professional will also inspect your thermostat, belts, electrical connections, and test for proper temperature differentials to ensure your system is functioning at an optimal level. AC maintenance helps to reduce the chances of system breakdown, minimizing frequent repairs.

Seal Doors and Windows

Weatherstripping helps to seal leaks on your doors and windows to minimize the loss of conditioned air. Before choosing the type of weatherstripping you want, assess the area where you want to apply it. The product should seal the windows and doors when closed without interfering with their ability to move freely.

Contact Comfort Zone Home Services to take care of your air conditioning needs in the northeast. Our technicians have worked on multiple types of air conditioners, so you can rest assured they will restore your comfort.

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