Heat Pump Sounds in Barnegat, NJ

3 Sounds That Mean Your Heat Pump Needs Repairs in Barnegat, NJ

February 28, 2024

Heat pumps can give off various malfunction signals, but strange noises are among the most obvious indicators that something is wrong. During everyday operations, your heat pump should give off nothing more than a slight hum, so anything beyond that likely points to trouble. Here are three sounds that indicate your heat pump may needs repair in Barnegat, NJ.

1. Bubbling or Gurgling

This is the telltale noise associated with a refrigerant leak. The most common reasons for a refrigerant leak are rust, corrosion or other damage that has affected your heat pump’s refrigerant lines. If this happens, you’ll not only need a technician to replace the refrigerant for you, but they’ll need to either fix or replace the refrigerant lines.

2. Banging

The culprit behind this particularly jarring sound is usually a loose component colliding with other parts that it should not have contact with. Therefore, the ultimate problem here could be as simple as a few loose bolts, which some basic maintenance work can take care of. Alternatively, you might have a broken or dislodged fan blade on your hands, which may require more extensive repairs.

Another explanation for this noise is that some ice has accumulated around your heat pump’s fans, making it so that the fan blades strike the ice. The winter weather makes this a distinct possibility, but your heat pump should be able to melt this ice after going into defrost mode. If this doesn’t happen, your system will need professional assistance.

3. Grinding

This noise is typically a sign of dirty motor bearings. It means that an HVAC technician will have to examine your heat pump’s blower motor and clean it.

Detecting heat pump issues can help your system if you know what to listen for. When you need help fixing these issues, call Comfort Zone Home Services for quality >HVAC repair services in Barnegat, NJ.

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