AC Replacement in Island Heights, NJ

3 Signs You Need an AC Replacement in Island Heights, NJ

June 28, 2024

Is your air conditioner worth repairing again, or has it come to the end of its useful life? Failure to see when it’s time to replace your cooling system can cause issues with your home’s comfort. Here are three signs that you probably need a new AC in your Island Heights, NJ home.

1. Old Age

Always consider your AC’s age. Even if your system appears to be performing well and there are no evident issues, remember that the risk of sudden problems increases as the system ages.

On average, a central AC system lasts approximately 15 years. Repairing the system when necessary and supplying it with preventive maintenance may somewhat extend this lifespan, but a replacement may be a more efficient option after 15 years.

2. Increasing Utility Bills

Spikes in your utility bills can indicate that your AC’s efficiency has probably decreased greatly. Of course, this assumes you haven’t been using your AC more intensively than usual lately.

Collapsing efficiency means that at least one of your system’s major parts has seriously malfunctioned. If this is the first time you’ve seen your bills hit such a high level, you may want to call professionals to repair the issue. However, if this difficulty crops up repeatedly, we strongly recommend thinking about replacement.

3. Frequent Repairs

Naturally, your AC will need repairs from time to time, and repairs ought to be at least reasonably effective. If your system malfunctions again a mere few weeks after technicians have fixed it for you, it could be time for a new system.

When you notice signs like those we’ve mentioned, waiting an extended period to address the issue can do more harm than good. Call our team at Comfort Zone Home Services to schedule AC installation service in Island Heights, NJ.

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